KKP Indonesia News

Indonesian Fish Stuns at the American Seafood Exhibition

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) has succeeded in bringing Indonesian fishery products to shine at the Seafood event Expo North America (SENA) 2024, which takes place over three days in Boston.

Cladtek News

Cladtek’s 20th Anniversary : Collaborate To Develop Resources To Maintain Cladtek’s Future Relevance And Sustainable Growth

In commemoration of Cladtek’s 20th anniversary, the preeminent pipe cladding company across Indonesia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia has unveiled its 20th-anniversary emblem under the theme: “Building a Sustainable Future: 20 Years of Innovative Solutions.

Bunting europe News

Towable Electro Magnetic Sweeper for Indonesian Airport

Bunting has designed and built three (3) large Towable Electro Magnetic Sweepers (model EMRS24) for cleaning an Indonesian airport runway of ferrous metal detritus.

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