Dormer Pramet News

Dormer: Once in a generation grade

The T9415 is the most advanced MT-CVD coated turning grade have launched in almost ten years, bringing greater stability and performance in a variety of cutting conditions.

Dormer Pramet News

Dormer Pramet: The power of simplicity

With our new products and expanded assortments, we strive to simplify the machining process and help you access the most suitable cutting tools for various applications.

Rockwell Automation News

Rockwell Introduces FactoryTalk® Optix, a Powerful and Adaptable HMI Solution with Limitless Customization

Rockwell Automation introduces FactoryTalk Optix as a new addition to their visualization portfolio. FactoryTalk Optix is an open-source human-machine interface (HMI) platform with cloud capabilities that allows users to design, test, and deploy applications remotely.

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